What is AlphaTykes?

AlphaTykes is a language education program, designed specifically for children, which mimics the way children learn their mother tongue. The AlphaTykes program can be offered in childcare centres (CCC), outside of school hours care (OSHC), through both our Kids Advantage Program and Do-It-Yourself Program.

AlphaTykes was started in 2006 by entrepreneur and mother of two, Leann Webb. Leann was travelling through third world countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, all the while noticing that in these countries the children grew up learning multiple languages with ease.

After studying Latin, French and Spanish as an adult, and finding it very challenging, Leann had a passing thought. The least she could do for her own children was ensure they had the opportunity to learn a foreign language while they were young enough to approach it with ease. In this moment the seed for AlphaTykes was sown!

Since the humble beginnings of AlphaTykes with Leann's two children, we are proud to now be teaching over 4,500 children Spanish, French or Italian in any number of our locations across Australia.

Why AlphaTykes?

Numerous studies have shown that the window of learning a foreign language starts to close as early as 6 years old. This is the golden age of learning for children, when their minds absorb knowledge more rapidly and successfully than at any other time during their lives.

Benefits of learning a foreign language:

  • Enhanced brain development
  • Improved memory
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved knowledge of their mother tongue
  • Better communication skills
  • Improved confidence
  • The AlphaTykes program is the Number #1 choice for parents investing into their child's future. With over 4,500 children now being taught across Australia, AlphaTykes is proud to be making children as bright and confident as they can be!

    The Australian Governments Early Years Learning Frameworks (EYLF) fully supports the benefits of language and introducing children to the wider community of the world. Plus, who doesn't love Dora the Explorer!

    AlphaTykes Today

    The AlphaTykes program is now conducted throughout childcare centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra; with Directors and Owners alike realising the benefits that this program provides to their centre, the parents and the children. Incorporating the AlphaTykes program into your centre increasing your offering; growing value for parents and clients, increasing your educational programs and meeting government standards, as well as ensuring you are offering your students the best start in life.

    The best part about all these benefits is the ease at which AlphaTykes program can be integrated within your centre! Through Kids Advantage, we consult with your centre or OSHC, organising lesson times and teachers to suit your timetabling needs. We coordinate the materials, curriculum, staff and contracts, meaning the program can be integrated seamlessly and with ease.


    The AlphaTykes curriculum was developed with the assistance of specialist LOTE (Languages Other Than English) teachers, specifically for young children.

    Our program is targeted to four age groups:

  • 18 months to 3 years (what we call 'tots')
  • 3 to 5 years
  • 6 to 9 years and
  • 10 to 12 years (collectively, what we call 'tykes')
  • Our curriculum mimics the way a child learns their mother tongue by starting with core phrases, numbers, colours and alphabet, and adding specific content that is relevant and interesting to children.

    Modular Approach: Flexible yet Structured Methodology

    The program is a uniquely developed modular program which provides a flexible yet structured approach to learning languages.

    In total, we have 16 modules each consisting of 5 lessons (4 weeks and a revision lesson) that runs for 5 weeks. We teach 2 modules per term running for a full 10 weeks.

    The program has been designed so that each child commences with basic modules that introduces the children to the structure of the program and teaches core phrases and basic words which will be reinforced in future modules. After completing basic modules, the children move on to more advanced modules.

    Each 'level' builds on the knowledge attained in the previous level, gradually building a repertoire of vocabulary, numbers and colours, the alphabet, as well as core phrases which can be used like building blocks to develop competency in the language.

    But, keep in mind that children are very adaptable!! If a child needs to join a class that is already running and is learning an advanced module, don't worry at all. The child will adapt and will be up and racing in no time!

    Lesson Structure: Caters to All Children

    We have developed a clear lesson structure to ensure consistency, flexibility and efficiency in teaching.

    The structure we employ balances audio, visual and kinaesthetic activities, with orienting, enhancing and synthesising tasks to maximise learning; providing children with a familiar program which gives them comfort and confidence.

    Each lesson includes singing, music, story-telling, games and art to meet the needs of all learning styles and ensure the lessons are varied and interesting. Using this structure leaves nothing to chance. It ensures:

    We use a range of activities to meet the needs of children who have different learning styles, and
    We systematically introduce and reinforce key concepts and vocabulary to ensure maximum language acquisition.

    Detailed Lesson Plans: Children are Engaged and Interested

    Each module has a set of lesson plans which follow the formula of the lesson structure and specify the vocabulary, activities and resources for each lesson. For example, My Family Lesson 1 has a detailed lesson plan which specifies the vocabulary, activities and resources for the lesson. This lesson plan will be followed in every AlphaTykes centre, every child care centre and every OSHC, by every AlphaTykes teacher.

    The lesson plans are tailored to each age group to ensure that the children have fun and learn fast. We use custom-designed games and resources, and incorporate music, signing, storytelling, games, art, craft and physical activities so that there is something for everyone. We keep each activity to 5 or 10 minutes so that the children are kept interested and engaged.